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What we offer


◦ We negotiate terms and prepare contracts between buyers and sellers.
◦ We Protect all purchase monies in escrow.
◦ We verify the ownership details to protect YOU, the buyer.
◦ We coordinate the closing and transfer process with a settlement agent.
◦ We're here to serve you!
Solid Corporation Solutions is staffed entirely by licensed real estate professionals, who specialize in the resale of timeshare properties within the North American continent and the Caribbean. With close to three decades of experience and concentration on high demand timeshare properties and because of our location in a resort community, we are in an excellent position to market any resale's that come through our office. We have also developed a large base of repeat buyers and referrals to increase the pool of clients available as potential buyers for our property listings. Being in association with a network of other timeshare brokers worldwide enables us to look at the market from a global perspective.

Solid Corporation Solutions for quick, competent, and complete closings so we are in an excellent position to hold the client's hand from A-Z as well as being the one stop place to get questions answered and concerns promptly addressed.

Should an owner find a buyer on their own; we are in a position to help them with their transaction through this division without incurring any Realtor commissions.

◦ No up-front fees.
◦ No listing, appraisal, or market analysis fees.
◦ We only get paid when the property sells.
◦ Buyer generally pays closing costs.
◦ Buyer generally reimburses any maintenance fees that may be applicable.
◦ Non-exclusive right to sell agreements.